Your 2019 Travel Photography Tips and Tricks

Mobile Photography Jun 02, 2019

With  summer around the corner, it’s the perfect time to start planning your  next trip. Before you head out on your next adventure, check out our  tips and tricks for taking the best travel photos.

  1. Scout out your locations before you go.
    Before  heading out on your trip, take a peek at the location’s tags online to  see what unique and interesting spots you want to capture. Mapping out  the sites you want to see can help you to efficiently plan your  itinerary. You can check out which are the most iconic locations and  start brainstorming ways to capture them from a unique, and fresh point  of view. With that said, do always be sure to keep your eye out for the  unexpected once you’re there!
Source: Unsplash

2. Get up early; stay out late.
The  best light is going to be in the morning or early evening. Golden hour  gives your images a soft lighting which results in beautiful photos.  These somewhat unconventional hours also let you check out popular  landmarks and sites without the chaos of the tourist rush.

3. Don’t hesitate to get dirty.
When  trying to get a unique shot, don’t be afraid to get down on the ground  to achieve an angle of the subject you haven’t seen before. When you get  creative with your perspective, this is when you get those memorable  shots.

4. Take the time to compose your photo.

Composing  your photo is all about positioning your main subject in a way that  will tell the best story. Two of the easiest ways to do this is by  following the rule of thirds or by taking a symmetrical photo.

You can follow the rule of thirds for both landscape and portrait photos. The goal of following this rule  is to place the point of interest at intersecting points in the grid  diving the image by lines three across horizontally and vertically. You  want to place important parts of the photo into those sections and help  frame the overall image in a way that’s pleasing to the eye. If you are  shooting on smartphones, you can use the grid feature to help guide you.

You can also try composing a symmetrical photo.  It can be trickier to do so, but it results in stunning images. To do  this, you will want to place the subject in the center allowing the  light in the photo to guide the eye to the central point of the image.  Surrounding lines need to be straight and symmetrical in order to pull  off this composition.

5. Be patient.
Photography is all  about truly seeing what is in front of you. Make sure you’re aware of  your surroundings before snapping your shot. Not only will this give you  time to compose a great photo, but it will also open your eyes and  heart to your surroundings, elevating your travel experience.

6. Works with the elements in your frame to enhance your photo.
Sun  rays, rain clouds or birds may all seem like they’re distracting from  the point of the photo, but they can actually create more of an  interesting story within the frame than if you were to shoot you subject  clean. This creates a more authentic feel to your photo giving viewers a  snapshot of the moment rather than a simple, staged image. In the same  vain, you do want to be aware of what’s in the frame. To show depth in a  landscape shot think about framing an object that helps to show scale.  Just be sure you aren’t capturing anything in the frame that distracts  from the main subject.

7. Don’t underestimate the power of a travel tripod.
Lightweight  travel tripods are a game changer when it comes to travel photography.  They allow you to stabilize your shots while you take time to set up the  composition of your shot. Solo travelers love them as it makes taking  timed shots a breeze, allowing them to jump in as their own model.

8. Always have a clean camera lens.
This  may seem basic enough, but the cleanliness of your lens could make or  break your shot. When on the go, carry a cleaning cloth — much like the  kind used for cleaning glasses — to make sure you’re always shooting  with the cleanest lens.

9. Be prepared.
Always  be prepared. Whether you’re shooting on a digital camera or your phone,  you’re going to want to make sure you have extra batteries and charging  cables to ensure you’ll never miss a great photo opt.
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10. Enjoy yourself and live in the moment.
The  most important part of travel is to enjoy yourself while opening your  mind to new sights and experiences. With this in mind along with the  other basic tips of photography travel, you’re sure to capture  incredible shots.


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