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New Software Release Nov 11, 2019

Our lives are filled with memories that take us back to a special time with friends and family. It's not just about looking at the camera or saying 'cheese', which is almost impossible with kids and pets anyway.

Father and Daughter
Photo by Caroline Hernandez / Unsplash

With Monument, you have complete control over all of your memories, even when you’re on the go. That means you can upload new photos as well as browse your memories anywhere -whether you're at home, on top of a mountain or on your dream vacation, your photos are always private, secure, and accessible.

Since our launch, we've been listening to your feedback to add features and improve the Monument experience in an accelerated timeline. "Remote Access" has been one of the functions you asked us to improve, so that you can upload, view, and download your memories from anywhere, any device to your Monument.

"Remote Access" method creates a direct connection between your Monument and your apps on your phones, tablets or computers over a secure, encrypted channel. To enable this, Monument uses Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) which, as the name suggests, is plug and play, needing no user setup. But in some cases, routers and modems can come in a complex setup making a connection impossible or requiring manual configuration.

Today, we're excited to introduce that we have vastly improved how it works and it requires absolutely no setup from the users. Just switch the "Remote Access" option under Settings of your Monument app while you're connected. That's it!

The new, improved connection method opens up a secure, encrypted connection to Monument's proxy server that bridges the connection between your mobile app and your Monument in case direct connection does not work. All the communication is encrypted and protected with HTTPS protocol.

We can't wait for you to try it out -and let us know about your experience by leaving a comment or writing us on Facebook and Twitter. Hearing your feedback is crucial in developing and improving features like this.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates and news over the next few weeks!

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