Introducing Monument 2.0 — Better and Faster

New Software Release May 20, 2019

As the world of digital photography continues to grow and develop, it’s only right that your personal cloud does, too.

That’s why we’ve been busy working hard to improve Monument to be the best it can be. We’re excited to announce that Monument 2.0 is ready to roll, and we can’t wait for you to experience it!

Organizing your thousands — or even hundreds of thousands — of photos can easily become a headache, but we’re here to end the struggle. Whether you’re pulling your shots from a DSLR or phone, we want you to feel confident in where those images are going and how they’re being stored. Monument 2.0 allows you to enjoy an organized library thanks to our improved face recognition and scene detection capabilities. Our face recognition is now better programed to group your photos automatically while still giving you the option for manual tagging. Along with the introduction of over 200 new keywords, Monument can also help tag and sort your photos based on what content is in them. Now you can enjoy your photos rather than spending tedious time organizing them.

By removing the need for manual organization and identification, you can focus more on sharing your photos with loved ones. We’ve rolled out our new album sharing feature which allows you to stay connected by uploading photos and videos to one place. The best part is, you always know that the albums are safe on our secure, private network.

Monument 2.0 is bringing reasons for Apple and desktop users to rejoice. Apple Live Photos are now supported within the app allowing for both live photos and videos to be backed up while maintaining their original format. Now, you can save and share your moments just as you captured them.

Whether you’re using a Mac or Windows, desktop users everywhere can now enjoy the Monument’s features. Backup your photos, create albums, view the world map and download original files without missing a beat.

It’s no secret that we are one hundred percent committed to giving our users the best photo storage and organization out there. Once we roll out new features, they are available to everyone, so keep up to date with what’s new on our updates page. If your auto-update is turned on in your device settings, updates will be installed automatically. Download or update your app on App Store and Google Play.

You can trust that when you use Monument, your photos are privately secured in your personal cloud. Now get out there and start capturing those memories.

As always, if you have any questions, please write to us and say hello :)


Monument is the world's first artificial intelligence enabled cloud device for photos. It backs up and organizes photos & videos from all of your devices