Introducing Monument 2

monument2 Sep 07, 2020

Since the launch of Monument, we have been listening to the immense feedback from our community and working hard to add new features as well as improve the overall experience across our apps. We had one simple goal in mind: Make managing photos as easy as taking them.

We knew there was a lot to tackle to create a product that is comparable to the ones from global companies. Having started with an idea, we had a lot of challenges ahead of us, but we have come a long way and are proud of what we have accomplished. Without your support, we could not be here.

Over the last year, we have shipped 46 major product updates. If you exclude the holidays, that's almost one update every week. On the other hand, we have signed partnerships with major retailers in the U.S.: Amazon, B&H Photo, Adorama, Walmart, BestBuy, The Grommet, Target - showing their trust and confidence on Monument.

Our roadmap is ambitious and we have a lot of features to deliver, but due to the limitations of the current architecture we needed a completely new design to elevate the experience and continue delivering new features.

Today, we're thrilled to unveil the Monument 2

The new Monument is built from the ground up on a totally new architecture to deliver the performance and accuracy to organize your content. We looked at the entire system and refined every function to bring a totally new experience.

The result? It's now 10x faster and brings all the new features to your fingertips.

Wondering what's new with Monument 2?

More powerful in every way

With the new CPU and built-in NPU, transferring and processing your content is now 10x faster. The new Monument features USB 3.0, dual band Wi-Fi and optional built-in SSD which makes transferring and processing your content much faster.

Powerful new features such as advanced import gives you more flexibility to import from SD cards and external drives, even creating folders and albums automatically. This is a great new feature that makes moving your existing content to Monument a breeze.

Better A.I.

One of the best things about Monument is that it comes with built-in Artificial Intelligence to detect and recognize faces and other information from your photos. The new Monument provides more accurate results with its updated face and image recognition models.

The new Face detection model works with up to 99% accuracy to detect faces in photos.

We're also bringing new A.I. capabilities to Monument 2 including pet detection. So you can search for dogs or cats in your photos.

Reliable Storage

The new built-in SSD storage brings not only reliability and durability but also faster file transfer. SSD Models come with 1TB or 2TB storage options. Monument uses M2 2280 standard and it’s user replaceable.

You can also order Monument 2 without an internal SSD to plug in and use your existing USB drives via USB 3.0 ports. You can use two drives; one can be configured as your primary drive and the second as your backup drive.

Zero-knowledge privacy

Monument is designed to keep what's yours as yours; nothing is accessible by anybody. Your content is stored encrypted using a user-defined password.

All of your content is processed locally on the device, using the built-in NPU. None of your content or the results of the analysis leave your Monument.

You can also password protect albums and create your own private photo vault to keep them locked and available only for you.

... and more

Monument 2 features new ways to view, share, and manage your photos.

  • With Album sharing, you can share albums with anyone even if they do not have a Monument.
  • Now you can map your Monument as a network drive and access your content from your computers.
  • Monument apps will also be available in dark mode, to make your photos stand out.
  • The new location database will tag your photos more precisely.

The pre-orders will be available through Kickstarter in October 2020.

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Monument is the world's first artificial intelligence enabled cloud device for photos. It backs up and organizes photos & videos from all of your devices